What Is Web Ecology?

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Ecology is usually associated with our physical world. It has been extended to corporate ecology that looks at organizational culture and the interrelations between its components, its business and profit making mechanisms and the human aspects of its operations.

Ecologically means thinking user friendly, the well being of all the participants, the environment and the global consequences of our actions, our interconnectedness and interdependence.

As the web increasingly becomes our digital habitat, the term web ecology comes into existence. Web ecology as a term means an ecology where all participants in the web of connections and interdependencies should cater for the well being of each of the participants and the global well being of this interconnected web fabric.

Clean and green web ecology suggests a web culture and conduct where all the components of the interactions are open and clear to all participants.

Transparency is achieved once the best interests of all participants in the web interaction are respected. Where data preservation and privacy control are fully respected and shared between corporate and users on a mutual relevance and rewards basis.

It is based on full transparency, authenticity and business practice of corporate statements that adhere to their commitments.

This fundamental pact of trust and authenticity will empower a transparent reciprocity and mutual respect. These constitute the basis for trust a cornerstone in clean ecology.

Web ecology based on authenticity can contribute well to the quality of web life by virtual environmental concern by preserving the interests of both providers and users.

Basically, the concept Icentered is to explore the web. Icentered blog looks at a user centered web paradigm that places the individual at the center with active management of privacy and personal data sharing. A web where relations with providers are reversed and users become partners to food chains created around them, to empower a trust based transparent web ecology.

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What Is Web Ecology?

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This article was published on 2010/12/25
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