Understanding Web Surfing

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Considering that you have a personal computer and Internet access mastering Web surfing skills will not only be easy but rewarding as well. There is always some benefit to learning how to skillfully surf the Internet regardless of your occupation, hobby, or interest and you can easily find pictures, audio, video, and information about any desired subject. This happens thanks to the aid of search engines.

The two easiest engines to use are Google and Yahoo after you have learned about Web searching basics. In order for the Web surfer to receive relevant search results then the entry of good search terms is needed.

Let's say you want to learn about a dog breed called the Newfoundland. Apart from clicking enter you might be inclined to enter Newfoundland into the search engine.

It is not impossible for you to generate a number of pages that have no information about dogs. To end up with pages consisting of both terms you should enter multiple terms such as Newfoundland and dog.

When you are looking for the best results for your intended searches you should use multiple terms. From the major search engines comes about the possibility of using boolean notation in the search phrases of Web surfers.

Boolean notation refers to the logical relationship among search terms. Should you want to accurately describe your desired search result, combine terms or use them alone.

Making use of the ?or? operator can help you refine your search criteria. By entering Newfoundland dog ?or? puppy into the search field, you are able to make sure that search results are complete on the breed.

Provided by Google and Yahoo above the search criteria entry box is an Images search option. Taking note of your searched subjects, you can view related pictures by using this.

There are times when excluding some items from the search becomes a useful way of running a search. Web pages that contain certain terms will be excluded from the results you receive if you enter these words with a minus sign in front.

For a Boolean not operation, the best way to perform it is this. When it comes to an ?and"" operation, it can be done by using a plus sign with the search term.

When it comes to searches, the use of quotes is very helpful. So that pages are part of search results, words are often grouped to appear together in a page. On the Internet, looking for people is a matter of using a quote or two.

After mastering the basic techniques of surfing the Web, you might want to try some power surfing. As you look for a phone number you might get results talking about the person or organization registered to that number.

May it be for UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service, you could easily track packages by entering tracking numbers into the search engines. As you enter ?define? and then a word you will get matches related to the word's definition. Considering that you have been introduced to surfing, you could try it now.
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Understanding Web Surfing

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This article was published on 2010/11/24