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The most radical technological development of this age has been the advent of the Internet. The World Wide Web today presents a unique opportunity for a person to be connected and communicate with others living in any part of the world. This is a historical development and has produced massive transformation in human lives.

Internet now is a repository of knowledge and a place for communication. It also offers individuals, small business owners and franchisee establishments to advertise and expand their services via the social web platform. A web presence with the use of such social web platforms has become vital in a very competitive environment. This outreach via the social media informs the world about who you are and what are the kinds of services you offer. And all this can be done in a relatively easier way.  

Sites such as You Tube, Facebook and Twitter are now being used by billions of users worldwide. Individual websites cannot even compete with the kind of traffic the social web receives in a day. Presence on the social web is vital along with prominence. A steady traffic to one’s You Tube, Facebook and twitter pages is one of the ways to gain in social web prominence. However it is not easy to build a presence in a short period of time.

It can take some period of time to build a substantial number of subscribers one ones You Tube channels or create a big number of followers and fans on twitter and Facebook pages. But one can build this presence with the help of social web promotion  
Social web promotion help one buy You Tube comments that can help enhance ones web reputation. Increased comments and traffic on ones You Tube page improves Google search rankings in a major way.  

Web promotion also enables one to purchase and increase the number of followers on ones personal twitter and Facebook pages. Increased number of followers translates into greater reach and prominence on the web. Increased number of followers and fans is also essential in creating a personal following to what one has to say and offer in terms of services.  

Social web promotion also helps in increasing traffic to ones personal websites and improves Google search rankings. Higher search rankings mean more traffic on to ones sites and increased business opportunities.

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Social Web - Presence in the World

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This article was published on 2012/05/23