ASP Dot NET Website Development Benefits and Drawbacks

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ASP.NET has been developed by Microsoft and it stands for active server pages. It used to create web pages and technologies. It is an important part of Microsoft's.NET framework vision. It is an important instrument for programmers as it builds rich and dynamic websites and applications.


Its script isn't limited. It allows the programmer to use the NET language. It is made on server-side technology and on a common language. In 1997, before the internet came into being, the web page contents were static and needed constant manual modifications. The need for web sites was urgent.


The advantages of ASP.NET include details like:


1. It helps reduce the codes required to build various applications.


2. With windows built-in, the applications are safe.


3. It increases its performance.


4. It is to compliment by its designer.


5. Simplicity makes ASP.NET perform tasks and client authentication better.


In short, it is called the next generation's Microsoft ASP. Its applications are reachable on a wide globe leading to efficient information management. ASP.NET satisfies its designer by making available features required at an affordable cost.


The disadvantages of using the ASP.NET are:


It could run into problems like syncing caches. Maintaining it is difficult and can increase. It has issues which cannot be ignored.


With great strength comes responsibility. Designers have come across issues where using Http context. Cache was a bad idea. Individuals towards the end throw the projects in and the makers or designers do not come across these issues until they go live with the product. Caching requires a big picture. We need to ask ourselves whether the data collected is enough, or warrants implement caching. If the answer is yes, then a farm of servers are required to choose the right caching wisely. With all these points being taken into account, Microsoft has brought in a new cache called API App fabric. It is a leverage required to handle the distribution and syncing of the cache magically. ASP.NET allows the eviction of time or notification evictions to let the designer collect his or her data, or if this doesn't work out, the cache client regularly checks in with the server and gets a list of things that require syncing.


In conclusion, it is a powerful web application based on Microsoft. NET Framework. From a business's point of view, it builds quickly and deploys, manages and enhances security solutions and systems.

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ASP Dot NET Website Development Benefits and Drawbacks

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This article was published on 2011/09/16